We are a group of ten friends that call ourselves the Chocolate Cake Design Collective. We found an old Toys Warehouse in Detroit and decided to turn it into our design studio. Keep checking our blog to see what shenanigans we've been up to.

The Next Big Thing


Last Friday Danielle attended Model D’s “The Next Big Thing” event at the historical Whitney Building in downtown Detroit. It was a showcase of all the little things that are going on around the city, amounting to the massive positive energy that is propelling the city forward. As Model D says, “the next big thing is not any one thing. It’s a multitude of people and projects transforming our city — one lot, one block, one neighborhood, one story at a time.” CCDC is happy to be that ‘one old Toys Warehouse’.  Congrats to everyone at Model D for a great event! Check out more here.

Signal Return, a new letterpress shop opening up in Eastern Market imagined up by Detroit advocate, Toby Barlow, made an appearance that night and Danielle got to poke Don Kilpatrick about her press.